How to connect whilst apart

Being stuck at home can often drum up feelings of loneliness and a twang of heartache for those not beyond the four walls of your self isolation habitat. Trying your best to stay socially active, you go on Facebook, Instagram and twitter more, but get overwhelmed by stories of acquaintances’ hardship and news updates by the minute.

Some of us aren’t normally socialisers by nature, but one of the best ways to stave off the feeling of loneliness is by having regular contact with friends and family. Here’s some fun things you can do to make staying in touch a bit easier…

Start things off on a high:

Send an e-invite to your zoom or House party to make it feel more like a meet up or party.

Create a pub quiz:

A fun way to manage a conversation with a whole group. Created a themed quiz based on everyone’s favourite films or books, or a common theme that brings together your group of friends. Or create a customised quiz based on moments in your lives and histories together.

Eat dinner together:

Better with 2 – 4 people or those who consider themselves amateur chefs. Send a recipe a few days ahead of time and encourage participants to all cook the same meal to have together on the call. This may seem silly at first but you’ll will have fun discussing the different ways you interpreted the recipe and the end product.

Schedule a regular lunch date:

Working from home at the moment? Schedule lunch breaks every few days with your favourite colleagues to simulate your normal lunch catch ups.

Reconnect with old friends:

Often times our oldest friendships get neglected more than people we are able to see more regularly. Take this time to reconnect and check in with old friends from childhood, or those you wanted to stay in touch with but just never had the time.

However, you do it, it incredibly important right now to stay connected whilst staying at home.



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