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Make your own - Ice Summer Lollies

When the sun starts shining it’s only instinct to delve into your nearest corner shop for a cooling ice lolly. But before you do, why not consider making your own frozen treats? They’re a great way to use up fruit approaching its use by date and will often be healthier than the lollies you buy in the shops.

Perfect for a summer BBQ treat or even breakfast on the go, I’ve picked three of my favorite fruity and refreshing summer ice lolly recipes. All of which can be easily created at home with a few simple ingredients and an ice-lolly mould. They’re mostly healthy so you can indulge guilt-free too! Here goes…


For me, there’s nothing quite as refreshing as a gin and tonic on a summer’s evening. If a G&T is your go-to summer cocktail too, then you’ll love this refreshing classic in ice-lolly-form. They’re super easy to make and the frozen cucumber slices and squeeze of lime adds freshness and flavor.

 (To make 4)

An ice-lolly mould
4 x 30ml shots of your favorite gin
350ml of slimline tonic
½ a lime, juiced
8cm of cucumber, sliced