Make Your Own: Natural Aftersun Spray

With the temperature rising this week, we thought now would be the perfect time to share with you one of our favourite homemade, natural remedies – a Lavender and Mint DIY Cooling Aftersun Spray.

A summer essential, this refreshing and fragrant cooling spray is ideal for popping in your handbag or beach bag and can be used to spritz your face and body as a pick-me-up throughout the day.

This soothing, sweet-scented spray uses only a few natural, skin-healing ingredients – all of which are perfect for soothing sunburn and keeping your skin hydrated throughout the summer months.

Enjoy the cooling and healing effects of the naturally anti-inflammatory aloe, hydrating vitamin E, rosewater to reduce redness, and lavender and peppermint essential oils for extra cooling power.

In just a few simple steps you can make your own homemade natural cooling aftersun spray and it’s ready to use straight away.



To make 100ml

1 tsp of pure organic aloe vera gel
2 tsp of natural vitamin E
5 tsps of organic rose water
5 tbsps of water
10 drops of lavender oil
5 drops of peppermint
A fine mist spray bottle


  1. Combine all your ingredients in a mason jar, screw on the lid and shake to blend together.
  2. Pour your mixture into a fine mist spray bottle.
  3. Shake well before each use, and spritz on the body and face as needed to help cool off this summer. To treat sunburnt skin, spray up to every ten minutes when first burnt.
  4. Store in the fridge in-between use. Keep for up to six weeks.

Enjoy your homemade natural cooling aftersun spray during these hot summer days.

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